As an artist the first stage in preparing your work for print is digitising your canvas in a manner that gives the best digital file for the job. 

As specialist greeting card printers for artists, we offer a digital capture service that is focussed on retaining the maximum range of colour and detail from your artwork. We have developed both photographic and scanning systems to enable us to match your original work as closely as possible within the confines of our colour gamuts.

Our knowledge and experience has influenced the equipment we use and the boards we’ve selected, this has enabled us to provide consistent colour and a superb finish whether you are looking for a short trial run from our HP Indigo or a larger stock from our litho press. If you are looking for the best possible results when printing greeting cards that feature your artwork, we’re the printers for you.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We have a solution that is cost effective and scalable and within your budget. You can call Rachel on 01270 625207 or complete the form below.

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