Digital for short runs – HP Indigo printing Cheshire

Our investment in the latest technology ensures we deliver the finest digital print. Using wet ink technology, our HP Indigo digital press, delivers smoother tones, sharper images and richer colours compared to the results generated by powder based toner machines.

The Indigo’s superior imaging enables a quality and consistency of print, which is comparable to our litho print solution.

Johnsons HP Indigo high performance digital press, perfectly compliments the quality lithographic print we have delivered since 1827. The liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital offset process allow us to move between litho and digital solutions without a change to the quality of the finished greeting card.

John McMillan – Managing Director said “We selected the HP Indigo because of its ability to print onto a wide variety of substrates. Its ability to print in 4, 6 or 7 process colours for accurate colour rendition and optimal Pantone emulation. This solution is the only digital press that matches our lithographic print quality and therefore was the best and only choice for Johnsons.”

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