Foil blocking

Adding a metallic finish to your greetings cards with foil blocking creates something very special. We have a broad selection of foils from traditional gold and silver to other more contemporary colours in matt or gloss finishes.

You can also make your greeting card really stand out with blind embossing to the foiled area. For brilliant metallic colour, foil stamping is unparalleled. With its shimmering highlights, foil blocking can bring your design to life.

Foils are actually a very thin polyester film carrying a foil pigment. We create a die of the desired image which is then pressed against the paper, trapping the film inbetween. Heat is applied through the die as well as pressure to the paper. The foil is released from the film carrier and transferred to the paper.

Foils for blocking are available in a myriad of finishes; metallic, pearl, opalescent, gloss, matt or even pastel. Foil blocking offers the card designer a true metallic finish.

Foil blocking works best with crisp, black and white line art. Designs with intricate patterns or tight letter spacing may need coated or smooth paper stocks to get the best results.

Depending on paper colour and finish, foils may appear darker or lighter when applied. If you are concerned about the appearance of your cards, we can provide a proof of the selected foil on the specified board for approval before the job is run.  Please contact us for costs regarding bespoke sampling.

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