Johnsons Printers are committed to ensuring the company demonstrates sustainable and environmentally ethical practices in all areas of the business.

As well as participating in a socially responsible way within our local community, we are equally focussed on the wider picture of finite global resources, maintaining the world’s natural ecology and minimising any impact from our business.

As well as investing in the latest energy efficient equipment, we have ensured Johnsons operates to the highest environmental standards. This way we can help you to meet your own environmental objectives. Your customers will also be reassured that you have chosen an environmentally accredited printer.

Our commitment to Environmental sustainability is such it extends to who we choose to partner with, supply to and purchase from. Due to this approach we are proud to be able to offer both existing and new clients a high level of environmentally responsible credentials and assurances, as follows.

  • We use PDF proofs instead of hard copy proofs where possible, which reduces the chemicals (solvent based) inks necessary for large format proofs.
  • We use of our digital press wherever possible to minimise paper wastage (more paper is used making ready on the traditional lithographic press). Our latest Indigo press is carbon neutral.
  • We use vegetable based inks in the lithographic printing process.
  • All paper stock comes from sustainable and managed sources.
  • All paper is recycled where possible.
  • All printing plates are recycled.
  • By keeping our finishing processes in house, we reduce the need for transport to and from 3rd party suppliers, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We offer part or fully recycled material.
  • All waste chemicals produced in our factory are stored and then disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
    • If you would like to discuss any specific aspects of our environmental policy please call:
      Simon Rosson on 01270 625207

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