Blind embossing can transform your greeting card from art into sculpture, blind embossing creates both visual and tactile appeal. It is especially effective at drawing attention to text or adding elegance to your design.

If you’re looking to create a premium feel to your greetings cards and highlight the quality of the board they are printed on we would recommend blind embossing. By creating a raised, or even recessed area using a die, blind embossing or de-bossing creates a subtle paper coloured image that can be felt as well as seen.

An embossed image is formed under extreme pressure using male and female moulds, these force the paper to their shape, creating a multi-dimensional impression. When embosssed, the image is raised; when de-bossed, the image is below the paper surface.

In general, bolder type and larger designs can be embossed more deeply, and heavier papers can achieve greater depth and detail.

To get the best results when blind embossing

Blind embossing creates a contrast in the paper surface, it’s most effective on lightly textured paper stocks or laid sheets with designs that aren’t too busy.

Line art and typography for embossing should be proofed before being printed, with extra care taken in spacing type so that letters have enough room to form.

Because an embossed image is three-dimensional, it may appear slightly smaller than the same image produced by offset or other two-dimensional means.

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